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    Providing your name/contact information is optional to participate in a Public Meeting. However by providing, it will allow staff to follow-up with you on your item. All emails submitted to City Council are Public Records. Copies of forms submitted are posted online, with name and contact information redacted. You may only submit one comment form per agenda item.

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    Submit by hour listed below on Meeting Date OR before Agenda Item Concludes during a Live Meeting to be considered part of the record. City Council – by 4 pm on Meeting Date / Water Commission - by 3 pm on Meeting Date / Administrative Hearings by 4 pm on Meeting Date / Design Review Committee by 4 pm on Meeting Date / Historic Preservation Committee by 2 pm on Meeting Date / Planning Commission by 4 pm on Meeting Date / Parks and Recreation Commission by 2 pm on Meeting Date / Downtown Parking Advisory Committee by 1 pm on Meeting Date / Measure O by 3:30 on Meeting Date / Economic Development Strategy Committee (Council Committee) by Noon on Meeting Date / Finance, Audit and Budget Council Committee Meetings by 2 p.m. on Meeting Date / Safe, Clean and Homeless Committee by 2 pm on Meeting Date / Appointments Recommendation Committee two hours prior to the time listed on Meeting Date

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