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1. Why have I received a notice or summons?
2. Will I still receive water service from my service provider?
3. What is the difference between receiving a notification or a summon?
4. Am I a party to this lawsuit?
5. Should I hire an attorney?
6. What happens if I file an answer or other pleading?
7. What happens if I don't file an answer or other pleading?
8. How do I file an answer or other pleading?
9. When is the next hearing in this case?
10. What is this lawsuit about? What is it trying to accomplish?
11. Why is the City seeking to adjudicate water rights in the Ventura River Watershed?
12. How does the City use water from the Ventura River?
13. Since Channelkeeper filed the initial lawsuit, why did I receive the notice?
14. What is the City's goal in resolving this litigation?