Andrew Heglund

City Attorney
Title: Senior Assistant City Attorney

Andrew Heglund, Senior Assistant City Attorney - Transactional, joined the City Attorney's office in July 2019 after serving with the City of Bakersfield, California since 2011. He received his bachelor's degree from Pensacola Christian College in 1995 and his law degree from Regent University in 2002. Professionally, Andy spent his early years in private law practice in Los Angeles and Bakersfield, specializing in litigation. After joining the Bakersfield City Attorney's Office in 2011, Andy found that his true passion is municipal law, and he was able to exercise that passion as the legal advisor to the Planning Commission and Planning and Public Works Departments. As the primary attorney for Bakersfield's aggressive freeway expansion program, capital improvement projects and right-of-way, and entertainment facilities, he also specialized in contract negotiation and drafting and was instrumental in the development of Bakersfield's deployment program for installation of wireless cellular equipment on the city's streetlights.

Andy's primary areas of responsibility in Ventura are Planning and Land Use. 

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