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Electronic Agenda/Public Comment Form

  1. Disclosure:

    Providing your name and contact information is optional to participate in a Public Meeting, however by providing, it will allow staff to follow-up with you on your item. You may only submit one comment form per agenda item.

  2. Submission Deadlines:

    Submit by hour listed below on Meeting Date OR before Agenda Item Concludes during a Live Meeting to be considered part of the record. City Council – by 4 pm on Meeting Date / Water Commission - by 3 pm on Meeting Date / Administrative Hearings by 2 pm on Meeting Date / Design Review Committee by 4 pm on Meeting Date / Historic Preservation Committee by 2 pm on Meeting Date / Planning Commission by 4 pm on Meeting Date / Parks and Recreation Commission by 1 pm on Meeting Date / Downtown Parking Advisory Committee by 1 pm on Meeting Date / Economic Development Strategy Committee (Council Committee) by Noon on Meeting Date / Finance, Audit and Budget Council Committee Meetings by 2 p.m. on Meeting Date / Safe, Clean and Homeless Committee by 2 pm on Meeting Date / Appointments Recommendation Committee by two hours prior to the time listed on Meeting Date / Public Input on the Father Serra Statue - select City Council for the Legislative Body when completing this form

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