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Vacation Check Request

  1. General Information

  2. Light(s) on?*
  3. Will any pets be left in the residence?*
  4. Pet(s) Location
  5. If not applicable, please enter "N/A"

  6. Do you have an alarm system?*
  7. Emergency Contacts

    Include information for who we should contact if we can't get ahold of you.

  8. Primary Emergency Contact

  9. Primary Emergency Contact

  10. Primary Emergency Contact

  11. Primary Emergency Contact

  12. Primary Emergency Contact

  13. Primary Emergency Contact

  14. Secondary Emergency Contact

  15. Secondary Emergency Contact

  16. Secondary Emergency Contact

  17. Secondary Emergency Contact

  18. Secondary Emergency Contact

  19. Secondary Emergency Contact

  20. Vehicle Listings

    Include information for all vehicles that will be left in the driveway or on the property

  21. Example(s):
    Ford Escape, White, 2015
    Toyota 4 Runner, Dark Green, 2001

  22. Include any other information you wan our team to know while you're away.

  23. Acknowledgement

    By signing this form, I request and give permission for officers, staff, and volunteers of the Ventura Police Department to enter the above listed property at any time, day or night. I also acknowledge that Vacation Checks are conducted based on availability and there is no guarantee my home will be checked daily. 

    Please note - This service is not for vacant properties, residences where someone is staying at the property, or for homes being fumigated.

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