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Neighborhood Watch Meeting Request

  1. Must live in the City of Ventura

  2. Meetings can be held at personal residences, public parks, neighborhood schools (with site permission), faith-based locations, and truly any space where you can bring people together.

    Meetings spaces do not need to have a TV or screen projector available, although depending on the topics discussed, it may be easiest to display maps, data, and other information this way.

  3. Meeting must be held in the City of Ventura

  4. Please share THREE separate date options for our team to choose from. This helps tremendously with scheduling an officer.

  5. How many people are you expecting?*

    Because we receive dozens of meeting requests each month, we require a minimum of 10 attendees in order to send an officer.

    Define the boundaries of your Neighborhood Watch group based on natural geography and visibility/surveillance capabilities.

  6. What are you most interested in learning about? Please note- if this is your first meeting, we have a set presentation to give an overview of what the program is. and offer a few standard tips.*

  7. Please provide as much detail as possible so we can ensure our officers come prepared.

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