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Green School Award Application

  1. Identify who will be the primary project manager moving forward. This does not necessarily have to be the individual filling out this form or the school's principal. Please include contact information if different from above.
  2. Explain the scope and goals of your project. Please be as descriptive as possible, highlighting the sustainability and water conservation aspects of the project.
  3. Describe when you anticipate starting the project and when you hope for the project to be completed. Please be as realistic as possible.
  4. Describe your funding need and how funds will be spent. Please be as detailed as possible in this section, this is a very important in determining whether or not we will be able to help fund your project.
  5. Describe how this project will help improve the sustainability or water efficiency of your school. Please include any and all benefits.
  6. Describe how students, parents, community members, or other external resources will be involved in implementing and sustaining this project.
  7. Describe how this project will help improve the health and wellness of students, teachers, and administrative staff.
  8. Describe how your school has historically participated in the Green Schools Program at large.
  9. Please include any additional remarks that you believe will help us make a decision about funding your project. If we are not able to fund it in full, what other resources do you have?
  10. Feel free to upload a document that will help explain your project idea or give us a better idea of what you're asking for.
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