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Ventura Police Department

  1. Oversized Vehicle Permit Form

    Permit Process: In order to park your oversized vehicle on a city street you must first notify the Ventura Police Department’s Traffic... More…

  1. Report an Abandoned Vehicle

Ventura Water

  1. Customer Survey
  2. Schedule Field Trip

    Ventura Water offers free field trips to the Ventura Water Reclamation Facility. Come take a tour of our wastewater treatment plant to... More…

  3. Water Waste Report
  1. Schedule a presentation or field trip

    Department of Environmental Sustainability and Ventura Water offer free classroom presentations and educational field trips. Please... More…

  2. Water Efficiency Survey

    Sign up for a free water efficiency survey. Survey's help homeowners understand the most efficient water practices and how they can... More…

  3. Water: Take 1 Production Intake Form

    Please complete this form if you are interested in being featured in Ventura Water's annual Water: Take 1 Film Festival.