Why is Ventura Water looking for new sources of drinking water?
The City of Ventura relies entirely on local water supplies: the Ventura River, Lake Casitas, and local groundwater basins. In times of minimal rainfall and drought, water levels drop and these supplies become limited. Ventura, like other water providers throughout California, is looking for safe and sustainable ways to meet long-term water supply demands. Supplementing water supply with potable reuse is a proven, drought-resistant locally developed and reliable water supply. The City currently provides recycled water from the Ventura Water Reclamation Facility to two golf courses and landscape irrigation in the Harbor and Olivas Drive areas. Adding water purification technologies at the Ventura Water Reclamation Facility will extend Ventura's use of this local water source.

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1. Why is Ventura Water looking for new sources of drinking water?
2. Isn't all water reused?
3. Can conservation meet our needs without this source of supply?
4. What is wastewater and where does it go in Ventura?
5. So how can we reuse more water to help Ventura's supply?
6. What does “potable” mean, and what is potable reuse?
7. What is water purification?
8. Where is water purification being used or explored?
9. What are the benefits using purified water for drinking in Ventura?
10. Why not just build a desalination plant and purify sea water?
11. Who regulates recycled water? What laws and regulations have to be met?