Has conservation helped to address water supply needs?

Yes. Ventura residents have done a commendable job making water conservation a part of daily life. Since 2013, demand has decreased by about 20 percent due to implementation of our water conservation actions. However, even with water conservation, our gap between water supply and demand continues to be close. It is critical that we have supplies that are resilient to impacts, able to support the community through drought periods, and withstand unforeseen challenges. Factors that impact water supply include:

  • Drought
  • Climate change
  • The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, also known as SGMA, which will impact how
  • groundwater is managed regionally and allocation / use measures
  • Results of ongoing litigation that will impact the amount of water sourced from the Ventura
  • River
  • Projected growth to meet State housing requirements

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4. Has conservation helped to address water supply needs?
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