What is the City's goal in resolving this litigation?

The City is committed to resolving this litigation through a negotiated settlement known as a “physical solution” and has already been in discussion with many of the region’s largest agricultural and municipal water users, who are all in agreement that we need a new approach to managing the Ventura River Watershed for the future.

The City’s goal is to work collaboratively with all local water interests to develop a locally-driven solution – one that protects the Watershed and preserves its water supply through:

  • Establishing a framework that determines the appropriate use of groundwater and surface water for users’ needs and the environment;

  • Making the most of the watershed’s limited resources through watershed-level planning;

  • Maintaining the steelhead fishery in good condition; and,

  • Sharing the responsibility of protecting this finite water supply among all users.

The City’s desired outcome will not have any “winners” or “losers,” but rather, a commitment by everyone to safeguard this water resource for future generations.

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14. What is the City's goal in resolving this litigation?