How will VenturaWaterPure be funded?

The project construction costs of approximately $190-$206 million are consistent with Ventura Water’s capital improvement program estimates. The project will be funded through a combination of grants, loans, rates, and other cost sharing opportunities. Rate impact analyses are underway at this time.There is no identified solution that meets the water supply needs and achieves compliance and water quality needs at a better cost / benefit value than VenturaWaterPure.

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1. What is VenturaWaterPure?
2. What are the components of VenturaWaterPure?
3. What have been the safety considerations of potable reuse?
4. Why is VenturaWaterPure needed?
5. Why is VenturaWaterPure the preferred recycled water solution?
6. Why is the project scheduled for 2025 completion?
7. How will VenturaWaterPure be funded?
8. Why doesn’t the City expand its tertiary treated water or “purple pipe” infrastructure?
9. Why doesn’t the City convey its tertiary treated water to the City of Oxnard as an alternative to the VenturaWaterPure Project?
10. Why isn’t the City sending the tertiary treated water to United Water Conservation District’s (United) spreading grounds?
11. What is Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria and Genes
12. Is ARB/ARG removed during the advanced water purification process?
13. What measures are taken to ensure purified water sources are safe?