Does my project require an engineer?

An accurate, detailed set of plans, specifications, and supporting documents is required for most construction projects. Hiring a California-licensed engineer or land surveyor will provide specialized knowledge regarding the principles of engineering, building code requirements, and local conditions including wind loads, snow loads, and earthquake activity. 

Additionally, a licensed engineer may be required to provide design, analysis, and evaluation of complex soil conditions, grading, foundation/site work, retaining walls, hydrology, structural elements, and mechanical or electrical systems. The resulting plans, specifications, and supporting documents are required to be signed and sealed (stamped) by the engineer. It is your decision as to which engineer you employ. The Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists (BPELSG) can assist in verifying if an engineer is properly licensed and if any complaints or disciplinary action has been taken against them. For more information, the BPELSG can be contacted at (866) 780-5370 or via their website. 

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