How can I change contractors?

To change contractor, you will need to provide a letter from the contractor stating they ARE RELIEVING themselves of the job, and at what point the construction was left at.  New permits will need to be issued under the new contractor.   

We will need the new contractor to sign with a validated electronic signature on the third page of the application, indicating their CSLB and current City of Ventura business license . A Letter of Authorization is required to be signed on behalf of  the company if the person signing is not on the CSLB’s Personnel List. This needs to be on the company letterhead and signed by a person on the CSLB Personnel List.   

IMPORTANT NOTE: We require ALL documents to have a wet signature or signed using Adobe Sign or DocuSign. Please sign your documents using one of the allowed signature methods and resubmit.

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1. How can I change contractors?
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