What if I have additional questions?
  1. Email your question to [email protected]  (save a trip, save time).  This mailbox is monitored daily by our team and allows you to be directed to the right person and/or department. Please allow ample time before following up with additional e-mails, as staff will review the inbox when time permits. 
  2. Call 805-654-7869. If you get voicemail during regular business hours, it’s only because the tech-on-duty at that time is assisting other community members. Be sure to leave your name, a call back number and, your question in brief, clearly, in case you get to voicemail. Emailing:  [email protected] as an alternative is encouraged.
  3. Check www.cityofventura.ca.gov  for resources such as public records, meeting agendas, Municipal Code and major project updates.

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5. What if I have additional questions?
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