What is water purification?

Water purification produces high-quality drinking water using a multi-barrier advanced treatment process. Though technologies can vary, many systems use water purification that includes three processes: microfiltration, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet light/advanced oxidation. Ventura Water is also investigating additional forms of purification to further ensure the safety of the water. Combined, these purification processes remove salts, bacteria, viruses and micro-constituents like pharmaceuticals and personal care products to produce water quality that is equal to or better than existing drinking water sources.

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1. Why is Ventura Water looking for new sources of drinking water?
2. Are there other ways to reuse the water that could benefit water supply?
3. Can conservation meet our needs without this source of supply?
4. What is wastewater and where does it go in Ventura?
5. What does “potable” mean, and what is potable reuse?
6. What is water purification?
7. Why not just build a desalination plant and purify sea water?
8. Who regulates recycled water? What laws and regulations have to be met?