What is the permit process?

Application: If determined that a permit is required: 

  1. The permittee shall submit the required documents through VenturaOPS.  
  2. The submittal is then reviewed by a technician and if the submittal is deemed complete, a plan check will be created. 
  3. A plan check fee deposit will be assessed based on the current fee schedule.  
  4. The applicant is then notified through VenturaOPS to pay the plan check deposit.   
  5. The APPB submittal is then replaced with the plan check/permit number (ex: RESP, COMP, MCRP, PEMP). 

Plan Check: When a plan check is required, plan taken in for review, complex projects, or projects at the discretion of the Building Official will be taken in and reviewed in the order it was received. Turn-around time may vary depending on the volume of plans submitted to an office.*Not all permit applications require a plan check, (Example, replacement of a residential water heater. No plan check required. The permit could be issued upon completion of the application and payment of permit fee).  

Permit Issuance: A permit can be issued once: 

  1. The permit application is completed; 
  2. The plan check review is either approved or a plan check is not required; 
  3. Any required agency approvals are received;  
  4. The fees have been paid. 

Inspection: When the permitted work reaches a certain phase of construction, the permit holder is required to request an inspection online through VenturaOPS or by calling 805-654-7869 to schedule an inspection. An inspector will review the work for compliance with the requirements of the code(s), the approved plan, and the permit(s) scope of work. 

Project Complete: The project is complete once any required agency approvals have been obtained and the work covered by the permit(s) has passed final inspection (inspection record card and permit(s) have been signed and dated). For buildings and structures, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued by the Chief Building Official. 

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