What steps are being taken to ensure better flow during the X-Games in July?
The City has received numerous community concerns on this topic and want to assure residents that a few actions have already been taken: 
  • City Staff is coordinating with the County Fairgrounds to assess the impacts from the Strawberry Festival, debrief on lessons learned, and continue working together on traffic planning for these types of large-capacity events. 
  • To add context to the Strawberry Festival impact and projected X Games impact, City staff has learned that the Strawberry Festival brought over 50,000 visitors, the annual Ventura County Fair typically brings in 20,000 people, and he X Games are slated to bring in 15,000 visitors.  
  • X Games messaging and local messaging will also lean heavily into encouraging alternative transportation. 
  • Finally, in collaboration with partners at the Visit Ventura, City staff have been working tirelessly with Gold Coast Transit, Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC), and the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner management agency to provide adequate alternative travel options for X Games attendees.  A comprehensive plan to encourage bus and train travel to Ventura will be announced in June or early July in a press release and consumer-facing marketing. 

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2. What steps are being taken to ensure better flow during the X-Games in July?
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