What is the OPV Groundwater Basin Adjudication?

In 2019, a group of agricultural landowners (“Plaintiffs”) with properties that overlie the Oxnard Plain and Pleasant Valley Groundwater Basins (“Basins”), filed a comprehensive groundwater adjudication lawsuit to determine the rights of all persons to extract groundwater from these Basins. The groundwater basins underlie the southern portion of the City of Ventura (primarily around the Ventura Auto Center), all of the City of Oxnard, the City of Port Hueneme, and Naval Base Ventura County, the majority of the City of Camarillo, and surrounding areas in unincorporated Ventura County. The lawsuit seeks a court adjudication of groundwater rights against all persons or entities that either (a) extract, or pump, groundwater from these basins, or (b) own real property overlying this basin.

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1. What is the OPV Groundwater Basin Adjudication?
2. Why did I receive this Notice? Am I being sued? Is this a Class Action Lawsuit?
3. Are the Plaintiffs seeking money damages against me?
4. Why has the City of Ventura been sued?
5. Will this Adjudication affect my water rates?