What is the process for determining rate changes?

Any changes to how Ventura’s water and wastewater rates are structured involves a deliberate series of steps to ensure that rates remain affordable, equitable, and stable.

  1. First, a rate-setting framework establishes financial goals, policies, and pricing objectives, which guides all rate-related decisions throughout the process.
  2. Next a financial plan is developed which evaluates planned capital improvement projects.
  3. Next, a financial plan is developed, which evaluates planned capital improvement projects and all financing options to fund those projects.
  4. A cash flow analysis then establishes the utility’s revenues and expenses for the foreseeable future.
  5. Next, a cost of service analysis determines all required costs that need to be recovered to operate the water and wastewater systems and execute the planned capital projects.
  6. Finally, rates are designed to recover these costs proportionally from different user groups and on an individual user basis.

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