Why can't water conservation be used in lieu of VenturWater Pure?

Ventura residents have done an outstanding job of making conservation a way of life and protecting our local water resources. However, VenturaWaterPure is a multi-benefit solution that  addresses three key water challenges that conservation alone cannot solve.

  • First, VenturaWaterPure creates a new, local, drought-resilient supply of water that Ventura needs to meet future water needs.
  • Second, VenturaWaterPure meets the requirement to reduce treated wastewater discharge from the  Santa Clara River Estuary by 2025.
  • Third, the purified water resource from the VenturaWaterPure meets or exceeds drinking water  quality standards set by the State and is cleaner than the water in local groundwater basins – therefore improving water quality of our water supplies and supporting related efforts to improve water quality standards.

VenturaWaterPure was selected after extensive evaluation of numerous alternatives, presented in the certified Ventura Water Supply Projects Environmental Impact Report in 2019. 

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1. Why do water and wastewater rates need to change?
2. Why would rates change if we currently have enough water?
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10. Why can't water conservation be used in lieu of VenturWater Pure?
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