Why does the City of Ventura continue to issue building permits?

State law specifically does not allow a city to waive its responsibility to plan for housing growth because of water supply challenges. However, the City has policies in place to ensure new developments is investing in our water and wastewater systems and contributing to future water supply projects.

In 2016, the City adopted a water neutral development policy known as the Water Rights Dedication and Water Resource Net Zero Policy. The Net Zero Policy Ordinance requires new development to offset new or increased water demand through one or more compliance options, including dedication of water rights, extraordinary conservation measures, and/or payment of a fee. The fee proceeds go towards paying for future water supply projects, so that existing rate payers do not absorb the entire cost of necessary future water supplies.

In addition, new developments are required to incorporate water efficiency into building design such as installation of high efficiency plumbing fixtures and water efficient landscaping and irrigation systems. 

For development questions or additional information, contact Community Development at [email protected] or call (805) 654-7869.

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