Why do I need a Fire Hazard Reduction Inspection?

The intent of the inspections and fuel management is to reduce the risk, severity, and intensity of wildfire.

There are several codes and state statutes that require defensible space in Fire Hazard Severity Zones, including the California Fire Code, California Government Code, California Public Resource Code and Natural Resources Code that govern defensible space and fuel management in the fire hazard severity zone areas. 

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1. Why do I need a Fire Hazard Reduction Inspection?
2. Why am I getting a notice? How do I know if I'm in compliance?
3. Why do I have to clear 100 feet?
4. What vegetation do I need to maintain?
5. When will the inspections occur?
6. I don’t own 100 feet of land. Do I have to still clear 100 feet?
7. How do I schedule an inspection?
8. Why am I being billed? When was the fee approved?
9. Will I get a bill if I pass the inspection?
10. When will I get a bill?
11. How do I pay the bill?
12. What if I don’t pay the bill?
13. I live in an HOA where they maintain the landscaping. Will the HOA get the bill?
14. How do I update my mailing address?