What can I do to help?

Support local charities (see list below) that provide meals, medical attention, case management and housing services to get people focused on long-term solutions. Reducing homelessness also requires all of us to say, “No,” to panhandlers, and yes to charities. Residents can also volunteer for programs and initiatives that keep our community Safe and Clean by signing up for service opportunities on the Volunteer Webpage.

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1. What is happening in the Ventura River?
2. Why is this happening and why now?
3. When will the illegal camp removal begin?
4. How will the clearing take place and how will this affect me?
5. Who will dismantle the illegal camps?
6. Where will the people who live in the river bottom go?
7. How will the removal of illegal camps be sustained or reinforced?
8. Who made the decision to remove the camps?
9. Who owns the property in and around the Ventura River?
10. What can I do to help?