How do I separate my food waste?

How you separate and collect your food waste is up to you! You can collect your food waste in a small container (pail with a lid or tupperware) in your kitchen and store it on your countertop or under your sink.  You can also store your food waste in a bag in your freezer, which can help avoid odors for certain foods that are not meant to be left at room temperature.   

Most residents with a yard waste cart have already received their food waste pails which were provided courtesy of E.J. Harrison & Sons as of January 2022. Residents without a yard waste cart will receive their free pail when their complex or property is provided with food waste collection service by E.J. Harrison & Sons.  

However you choose to separate and collect it, food waste must be placed in a bag of your choice, secured by tying or folding down, and placed into the correct cart. Residents with a yard waste cart, should place bagged food waste in the yard waste cart. Residents without a yard waste cart, should place bagged food waste in the designated food waste recycling container, when directed by their property manager or E.J. Harrison & Sons. 

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