Where are we in the cannabis business permits process?


Phase III, Part 2: Public Meeting – July 18

Finalists applying for commercial cannabis business permits will present at a Public Meeting on July 18, 2022 @ 6 pm in the Community Meeting Room at City Hall. Each applicant will have ten minutes to present and address the online submitted questions or community concerns related to the location or application submitted prior to July 13.  There will be an in-person comment period for each applicant directly after their presentation.  Note: There will not be an opportunity for follow up/responses or question/answer sessions at the meeting.


All feedback from the public meeting will be provided to the City Manager for use in his final decision.


The community is invited to get involved and share comments or questions on proposed locations and applicants by joining the in-person meeting or sharing feedback online (see How to Submit Public Comment above). 

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1. Where are we in the cannabis business permits process?
2. How have residents been notified about the Public Meeting?
3. What are the Next Steps following the Public Meeting?
4. What phases of evaluations have been completed so far?
5. When and how can I submit public comment about a dispensary? What happens with my comments?
6. Can the public see the evaluations?
7. How many cannabis business permits will be awarded?
8. Is the City accepting cannabis business permit applications?
9. How can I get a cannabis delivery license only?
10. How can stay informed?