What are the benefits of VenturaWaterPure?

The VenturaWaterPure program will allow Ventura to meet legal requirements, improve water quality, and secure a new local source of drinking water that is drought resilient. Program benefits include:

  • Drought Resistant. Creates a drought-resistant, reliable water supply that isn’t dependent on rain.
  • High-Quality. Provides a high-quality drinking water supply that meets and exceeds water quality standards.
  • Environmentally Protective. Meets regulatory requirements by reducing water discharge into the estuary, creating a natural environment that can support endangered species. 

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1. What is the VenturaWaterPure Program?
2. How does the program work?
3. What are the benefits of VenturaWaterPure?
4. How does VenturaWaterPure help with Ventura’s water supply?
5. What are the program components?
6. How will the water be treated?
7. Is potable reuse safe?
8. Has Ventura tested advanced treatment?
9. Is Ventura the first to use this technology?
10. What are the major program milestones?
11. When will the program be complete?
12. How much will the program cost?
13. What is the impact to ratepayers?