Is Ventura the first to use this technology?

No. Many communities in California and across the nation are implementing advanced water purification systems similar to the VenturaWaterPure Program. Potable reuse is currently being used in Orange County, Los Angeles County, Monterey, and Oceanside. Additional water agencies in San Diego, Santa Clara Valley, Pismo Beach, Las Virgenes, Carpinteria, and Oxnard are planning to implement potable reuse projects in the upcoming years, along with many others.

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1. What is the VenturaWaterPure Program?
2. How does the program work?
3. What are the benefits of VenturaWaterPure?
4. How does VenturaWaterPure help with Ventura’s water supply?
5. What are the program components?
6. How will the water be treated?
7. Is potable reuse safe?
8. Has Ventura tested advanced treatment?
9. Is Ventura the first to use this technology?
10. What are the major program milestones?
11. When will the program be complete?
12. How much will the program cost?
13. What is the impact to ratepayers?