How many ADUs can I have on my property?

Single-Family Properties - All single-family homes can have one ADU. Additionally, properties with single-family homes that are owner-occupied can have one ADU and one JADU with a recorded statement that the property owner will occupy one of the units. 

Multi-Family Properties – There are a few ADU options for multi-family properties. You may select one from the following three options:

  • An ADU can be added for up 25% of the existing units. The ADU(s) have to be within livable space inside the existing building(s) the units are in.
  • One ADU can be added in an existing structure on the property that is currently non-livable, such as a garage. 
  • Up to two ADUs can be built in a new structure(s) on the property.  These structure(s) would be detached from the existing building(s) and are limited to 16 feet in height with at least a four-foot rear and side yard setback.

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