How do I apply for the Safe Sidewalks Program?

Applications for each program fiscal year will be accepted beginning in April 2021 until March 2022 and then every fiscal year July 1 through June 30. An application MUST be submitted prior to any permit or work begins in order to be eligible for reimbursement. Residents are responsible to obtain a quote and hire a qualifying contractor(s) to perform the eligible work.  The contractor must possess a current City-issued business license, a valid A, C-8, C-12 or C-61:D:06 contractor’s license in the State of California, be registered with the California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), and meet all the DIR requirements for public works projects (see Question 8 for additional info). 

Residents must submit the application, which includes a work authorization, and permit form, to confirm the sidewalk damage qualifies and obtain approval.  The approved application serves as a permit to perform the authorized work.  A Public Works Inspector will conduct a pre-inspection and approve the sidewalk repair.  Completed work will be inspected for approval by the inspector. The resident may request reimbursement after work is completed, inspected, and approved, and the contractor is paid in full.  

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