How were these Shared Streets selected?

Our pilot phase identified the following streets

  • Olive Street
  • San Nicholas Street
  • Preble Avenue
  • Mound Avenue
  • Darling Road

All these streets already serve many people walking and biking, are low-traffic streets to minimize traffic disruption, and are already a bicycle route and/or are being considered as future bicycle boulevards as part of the Active Transportation Plan effort underway.

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1. Why is the City doing this?
2. Can I drive on a Shared Street?
3. What does a Shared Street look like?
4. What activities are allowed on a Shared Street?
5. What activities are not allowed on a Shared Street?
6. How were these Shared Streets selected?
7. Will this be expanded to more streets?
8. What about other streets in the City?
9. How is the City monitoring this?
10. How will the City address enforcement?
11. How can I be in touch with the City about this program and help spread the word?
12. Where else is this happening?