Why is the City doing this?

With park amenities, gyms and pools closed, and trails packed with people, many Ventura residents are seeking other ways to safely exercise while maintaining the required physical distancing. It can be difficult to maintain 6 feet or more of physical distance on many sidewalks, park paths, and bikeways.

Because of this, many people are choosing to walk in the street to maintain adequate physical distancing, exposing themselves to swiftly moving vehicle traffic. The City of Ventura is the Shared Streets for Health and Safety During COVID-19 initiative, which will institute the "soft" closure of some streets to through traffic, allowing these roadways to be used as a shared space for people walking and rolling, while also allowing essential vehicle travel.

The goal is to take advantage of lower vehicle traffic resulting from the Stay Well at Home order issued by Ventura County and the State and allow more people to use our streets while maintaining physical distancing.

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1. Why is the City doing this?
2. Can I drive on a Shared Street?
3. What does a Shared Street look like?
4. What activities are allowed on a Shared Street?
5. What activities are not allowed on a Shared Street?
6. How were these Shared Streets selected?
7. Will this be expanded to more streets?
8. What about other streets in the City?
9. How is the City monitoring this?
10. How will the City address enforcement?
11. How can I be in touch with the City about this program and help spread the word?
12. Where else is this happening?