Why connect to State Water?

The City currently does not have the infrastructure to have its State Water entitlement delivered. The State Water Interconnection between Ventura and Calleguas will allow for a beneficial water exchange, especially important for emergency response and when local supplies are impacted. The connection will also facilitate direct delivery of State Water to United Water Conservation District and direct or in-lieu delivery to Casitas Municipal Water District. Additionally, the connection will allow the City to deliver water to Calleguas during an emergency or imported water supply outage.

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1. What is the State Water Interconnection Project?
2. Why connect to State Water?
3. Why construct both the State Water Interconnection and VenturaWaterPure Projects?
4. Why doesn’t the City of Ventura pursue a connection to the State Water Project at Lake Piru or Castaic Lake rather than a connection through Calleguas Municipal Water District’s system?