What services do we offer homeless individuals?

Within the City, there are a wide variety of services offered to those in need.

Shelters: The Salvation Army has a small shelter for Veterans and adults, The Turning Points Foundation has a small shelter for adults with mental illness, and the City/County has a shelter called The ARCH that has 38 beds for adult men and 17 for adult women.

Food: Seven days-a-week, an individual can get food through Catholic Charities and Family to Family. Many Meals serves dinner on Wednesday evenings, and pantries are open throughout the week at varied locations, including Project Understanding on the east end the River Community Church on the west end.

Healthcare: There is medical care and supportive services offered Monday at the Whole Person Care Pod near River Haven, Tuesday at One Stop at Public Health, and Thursdays at the Whole Person Care Pod on the Avenue at the Sheriff’s Resource Center.   The Salvation Army offers eye and dental services at their locations in Ventura and Oxnard.

Local non-profits support other needs like the Family Reconnection Program through Downtown Ventura Partners and Laundry Services through Laundry Love.

You can learn more about what each program does on the City’s Safe & Clean website. 

Click here to download a card that lists all the services in Ventura. We encourage you to print it out and hand it to individuals in need instead of offering money.

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