Why does the City allow panhandling?

Panhandling is protected on public property in the Constitution under the First Amendment as a “charitable appeal for funds." There are some caveats to this. Aggressive panhandling is illegal. Aggressive panhandling is when someone continues to follow you after you’ve declined and gets combative. If you experience this in the Downtown Area, you can connect with a Downtown Ambassador (dressed in a red shirt), or if in other areas of the City, you can call the police 24/7 non-emergency number at (805) 650-8010. Panhandling is not allowed on freeway onramps or off-ramps because of public safety factors, within 25 feet of a parking pay station, or within 50 feet of an ATM. Please call non-emergency if you are concerned that a panhandler is in violation. For your safety and that of our community, we ask that you say no to panhandlers and instead contribute to the solution by offering support to our local social service providers.

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