Parking Ticket Prevention

It is illegal to park in the following locations:

No parking zones marked by a red curb, no parking signs, or no standing signs.

In front of a private or public driveway.

In front of or within fifteen feet of a fire hydrant.

Within marked or unmarked crosswalks. A crosswalk is considered to be in the extension of sidewalk boundary lines across a street or at any location where crosswalks are marked with white or yellow lines.

Anywhere within an intersection including the corner curb area.

Within 7'6" of a railroad track.

For the purpose of advertising or selling.

For the purpose of maintaining or repairing automobiles.

In handicapped parking spaces without displaying the proper placard or license plate.

Where a vehicle will obstruct or block a handicapped parking space.

Within three feet of a handicapped access ramp.

In the striped loading zone next to handicapped parking spaces.

Straddling the markings or lines designating a parking stall.

What Do Green, Yellow and White Painted Curbs Mean?

Green Zones are limited term parking, usually 20 or 30 minutes, as marked on the curb. In any limited parking zone, you can receive a citation if you exceed the maximum limit by one minute or more. To avoid a citation, you must vacate the parking space within the time limit specified in order to let other members of the public use these high-demand spaces.

Yellow Zones are for commercial vehicles to load and unload merchandise for up to 20 minutes only. Yellow zones are usually found in commercial areas and are for the use of adjacent commercial establishments.

White Zones are for loading and unloading passengers for up to three minutes only and are usually used in such places as airports, hospitals, and bus and train stations.

Blue Markings reserve parking spaces for disabled persons and are provided in off-street parking lots.

Can The Back of a Vehicle Overhang the Sidewalk When it is Parked in a Private Driveway?

The California Vehicle Code strictly prohibits vehicles from parking on sidewalks or overhanging the sidewalk and causing an obstruction, especially when parked in a driveway. The sidewalk must be kept clear at all times.

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