Does the reservation fee include food or beverages?
No, we do not provide food or beverages but personal food and beverage items in plastic containers are permitted inside the park. Barbecue pits, alcoholic beverages or glass containers, bottles, etc. are not allowed. Many parties order pizza to be delivered to the facility or they bring in sandwiches, chips, dips, and drinks.

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1. What time of day can I reserve a party and for how long?
2. How many tables are there in the reserved picnic area?
3. Can I decorate the picnic area and if so, how early can I come in to do that?
4. Does the reservation fee include food or beverages?
5. Do you have any refrigeration for a birthday cake?
6. What happens if it rains on my party date?
7. If some of my guests aren’t planning to swim, do they count as an entry?
8. What if I need more entries as my party date approaches?
9. Do my party guests need to wait in line to get in?
10. May I come in to look at the party areas before I decide to make a reservation?
11. Is a deposit required in order to reserve?
12. Can I get a refund if I decide to cancel my reservation?