How does the City decide which streets to pave?
The City has a computerized Pavement Management System which assists in tracking and prioritizing the maintenance needs of City streets. The System is based upon the proven concept that it is far less costly to proactively maintain streets rather than allow them to deteriorate to the point of needing reconstruction.

All streets are visually inspected for pavement condition based upon a number of factors including cracking, rutting and wear. The appropriate pavement repair method is then determined and a cost estimate for that repair method is calculated. This repair cost is factored into the traffic load carried by the street to determine a cost/benefit ratio for the pavement repairs.

Major street maintenance is prioritized based upon the cost/benefit ranking. This results in the most efficient use of available funding. All streets are scheduled for repairs using this objective method of prioritization and available funding.

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3. How does the City decide which streets to pave?