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The original item was published from 8/5/2021 2:33:07 PM to 10/16/2023 4:58:49 PM.

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Posted on: August 5, 2021

[ARCHIVED] 8/5/21 Cannabis FAQs Posted

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Please see the FAQs posted today, 8/5/21.  To see all FAQs, click here.

Retail Store Front v. Non-Store Front with Delivery



I have a follow up question about a delivery component. We understand now that we will have to apply for a delivery license after we receive a retail storefront city license and the state license. In our merit-based plan, we are describing delivery procedures because we fully intend to apply for a delivery license later on. 


However, are we supposed to check both boxes (Retail (Store Front) and Retail (Non-Store Front) on Cannabis Business Permit Application or just Retail Storefront for now? 



You should check one box only because Retail (Store Front) is completely different than Retail (Non-Store Front).  

  • If you intend to have a Retail (Store Front) without a delivery component, simply check the Retail (Store Front) box.
  • If you intend to have a Retail (Store Front) with a delivery component, check the Retail (Store Front) box AND be sure to describe the delivery services procedures in the Business Plan section of the Evaluation Criteria.
  • If you intend to only deliver, check the Retail (Non-Store Front) box, and describe the delivery services procedures in the Business Plan section of the Evaluation Criteria.


Also, see the following excerpt from the Cannabis Delivery Services and Retail Permits FAQ:


“Retail (Store Front) and Retail (Non-Store Front) are two completely different Retail businesses.  Applicants are required to select the license type they wish to apply for.  When responding to the Business Plan section of the Evaluation Criteria, delivery service procedures need to be described to receive the appropriate merit points.  In a Retail (Store Front) application this detail is only required if delivery service is a proposed component of the day-to-day operations.  In a Retail (Non-Store Front) application, delivery service is a mandatory component of the day-to-day operations and as such, deliver service procedures are required elements to be described.  The Business Permit Application and the Delivery Service Application are separate processes which require their own fee.” 


Printing Application Documents



Do we need to print the narrative portion of our application?  



The only parts that need to be printed are the documents that are listed in the Application Procedures & Guidelines in pdf file #1 because these documents require wet signatures.  Everything else, including a scanned copy of the documents in pdf file #1, should be filed electronically on the flash drive and organized in the pdf files as outlined on pages 3-4 of the Application Procedures & Guidelines.  


Application Format



Is there a specific format for the pages (eg, margins, text size, font type?), and for diagrams is there a specific or maximum size the diagrams should be (if printed)? (eg, 8.5” x 22, etc).



The Application and Evaluation Criteria response needs to be legible.   Though, the Application Procedures & Guidelines does not require a specific format, the preferred format is 11 text size with Arial or Calibri font type.  The Diagram should not be printed.  


Name on ZVL



Does the name on the ZVL need to match the application certification name on the Cannabis Permit Application or will it suffice if the ZVL matches the name of one of the partners listed on the application?  



It will suffice if the name on the Zoning Verification Letter matches one of the partners listed on the application.


Appendix Section E



Section E (Qualification of Owners) is saying that "evidence that prior experience was from legally permitted activities" 


Could you please clarify what exactly is meant by "evidence", is it state licenses? If yes and we include them, do they count toward the page limit? 



Applicants are expected to provide any type of verifiable evidence.  This may include, but is not limited to state or local licenses or a list of license numbers and licensing authorities.  The response to this Evaluation Criteria along with all supporting documents are to be counted toward the page limit.   


Appendix Section F



In the application guidelines, item 5(E) of Section F "Neighborhood Compatibility Plan" requires applicant provide "Proof of property ownership, lease agreement, or a letter of intent to lease." 


Our applicant entity is under contract to acquire a property. As the applicant is not the current property owner and will not have a lease or lease LOI with the current property owner, may we instead submit a copy of the Purchase Agreement as acceptable Proof?



Yes. Additionally, applicants should provide a brief narrative explaining the acquisition of the property.   


Next Steps After Award



If a retail cannabis business makes it through the application process and it gets approved, what is next?  If there is no CUP, what process is in its place and what is the timeline?



We are not able to provide specific timeframes as the scope of work can vary tremendously from one project to the next.  If all that is done is paint, landscaping, fencing, doors, and windows, this could take less than 3 months.  More extensive modifications could take much longer.





  • Subject to award of a Cannabis Business Permit, cannabis businesses can operate in the zoning districts in which they are allowed without the need for a use permit.  See San Buenaventura Municipal Code Section 24.105.200.

Design Review Permit

  • If there are no exterior modifications, then it would just be tenant improvements.
  • If there are exterior modifications, then a Design Review Permit is required and the timeframe depends on how extensive the modifications will be.  The timeframe for this can vary drastically.

Building permits

  • Required for any tenant improvement.


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