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Posted on: July 28, 2021

Cannabis Delivery Services and Retail Permits FAQ

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Please see the FAQ below clarifying Cannabis Delivery Services and Retail Permits as there have been multiple questions about this topic.  

You may see all cannabis FAQs here:


We have reviewed the most recent FAQ (that was posted on 7/20/21) but are still very confused about the delivery component. FAQ states Delivery activity is not permitted with the storefront retail permit and will require a separate application for a Cannabis Delivery Services Permit. 

However, Cannabis Delivery Services Permit Application states that any dispensary applying for this permit must be located outside the City. Which implies that it was designed for dispensaries in nearby cities allowing them to deliver to customers in Ventura city. 

Also, if an applicant is planning to apply for a delivery permit alone with a retail cannabis license, when is he supposed to do that, at what point? 


  • Delivery is not a part of the competitive, merit-based Cannabis Business Permit Application process.  Pursuant to City Ordinance No. 6.420.060 (1) through (4) applicants must first be awarded both City and State Retail permits before they are eligible to apply for the City’s Delivery Permit.  
  • All permitted Retail (Store Front) and Retail (Non-Store Front) businesses in the City of Ventura are required to obtain a Delivery Services permit no matter where they wish to deliver to.  
  • Retail (Store Front) and Retail (Non-Store Front) are two completely different Retail businesses.  Applicants are required to select the license type they wish to apply for.   When responding to the Business Plan section of the Evaluation Criteria, delivery service procedures need to be described to receive the appropriate merit points.  In a Retail (Store Front) application this detail is only required if delivery service is a proposed component of the day-to-day operations.   In a Retail (Non-Store Front) application, delivery service is a mandatory component of the day-to-day operations and as such, deliver service procedures are required elements to be described.  
  • The Business Permit Application and the Delivery Service Application are separate processes which require their own fee. 
  • Ownership restriction only applies to the competitive, merit-based Cannabis Business Permit process.  The subsequent Delivery Service permit is non-competitive and as such, has no bearing on the matter.  Owners who have been awarded either a City of Ventura Retail (Storefront) or Retail (Non-Storefront) permit are required by ordinance to later apply for the Delivery Service permit.   

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