Posted on: April 21, 2017

Wildfire protection in hillside neighborhoods

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Re: Wildfire Protection in Hillside Neighborhoods

Fire prevention efforts are most successful when community members and firefighters work together. Your firefighters are the last line of defense. To help your firefighters in their efforts, it is necessary for you to create and maintain a defensible space around your home. The Ventura City Fire Department asks you to assess your home for features that will prevent the intrusion of flames and embers. 

To guide your efforts, please see the Ready, Set, Go! Guide (PDF) to prepare your personal Wildfire Action Plan.

As a property owner in one of our most vulnerable fire areas, please assist the Ventura City Fire Department in protecting your home by clearing combustible vegetation per the guidelines by June 1, 2017. This deadline is set in anticipation of entering the peak season for wildfire severity. However, this vegetation clearance must be maintained throughout the year.

For the best results during wildfires, all properties must have adequate defensible space. The Fire Department will strictly enforce these standards and failure to comply may result in the issuance of citations. Failure to comply may also result in the clearance of the property by a City contractor, with all costs assessed to the property owner.

Thank you for your assistance in this critical area of community risk reduction. Should you wish to discuss this effort further, please contact our Fire Prevention Technician, at (805) 654-7791 or [email protected]

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