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Jan 29

Meet the Environmental Sustainability Team!

Posted on January 29, 2020 at 8:22 AM by Natalie Nebilak

BrandonBioPic Brandon Kaysen - Environmental Supervisor

I promote waste reduction and recycling through public infrastructure and educational programs. I also develop community-wide planning for energy and climate action strategies, and inspire synergy between City departments through Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

I enjoy helping promote the evolution and success of our environmental programs and the invaluable people who manage them. Every day, I wake up excited to help create a more livable, healthy, and vibrant Ventura.

Doing what is right for the environment is not always the easiest decision to make, but I am committed to the betterment of Ventura and work hard to promote sensible and sustainable actions to improve the health and wellness of our community.


Lars Davenport - Environmental Specialist

I run the City of Ventura’s Green Business Program, and work on several other projects to support our community pursuing environmental sustainability. Our local Green Business Program is part of the California Green Business Network. It is a free service to help businesses reduce their environmental impact while increasing visibility to customers. There are over 80 City of Ventura Certified Green Businesses, from small restaurants to global leaders like Patagonia, and everything in between.

I love the positive interactions I have with my community, and seeing how business goals and sustainability goals can be complementary.

Our local business community is made up of hard-working people that want to do the right thing environmentally, but often fear that going green will be time consuming and expensive. Our program is free and offers rebates for upgrades, and our staff help business owners through every step of the process. Help us help your favorite local businesses go green! Send them to [], or contact me at; 805-652-4595.


Arriana Rabago - Environmental Specialist

I help manage our outreach and regulatory compliance programs and I also oversee the responsibilities associated with managing our contracts with E.J. Harrison & Sons and Gold Coast Recycling & Transfer Station. One of the projects I manage that you may recognize is the quarterly Community Cleanup & Recycling Event.

I am very passionate about protecting the environment and I also love the City of Ventura. I love that I have the opportunity to preserve and protect the beauty of both Ventura and the planet through my work. I've found that the people in Ventura are passionate about these same things, which makes me so thrilled to serve the community.

I'd love for the community to understand that, while the division has many programs that strive to improve the health and beauty of our community, these programs can only be so effective without your individual interest, engagement, and action.


Kelsey Hammond - Environmental Specialist

I work with the Green Schools Program.

I like supporting grassroots efforts to reduce waste and increase recycling/composting efforts in schools. A lot of students and staff are very enthusiastic about the environment and sustainability, and I love helping them turn that enthusiasm into a new project. 

The City of Ventura’s Green Schools Program teaches over 7000 students per year about recycling, composting, pollution etc. through in class presentations.  The Green Schools Program also supports a variety of recycling, composting, and waste reduction initiatives each year. Few other cities host comparable programs or offer similar support to their local schools.

Natalie ES Team Photo

Natalie Nebilak - Environmental Services Assistant

As an Environmental Services Assistant, I have the opportunity to work in a variety of capacities with each member of the ES Team, be it working with small businesses to become Green Business Certified or increasing community awareness and involvement through our social media platforms.

I am very proud to be a member of the ES team, and in a broader sense, a member of the Ventura community. I love being able to use my creativity to construct content that is accessible to everyone and also prompts a larger conversation about our ability to live more sustainably. 

With this conversation I want the community to feel like they have a place to be heard and for their questions about sustainability to be answered.

Shellenbarger ES Team Photo

Peter Shellenbarger

The City of Ventura is nestled between two impressive river systems, the Santa Clara River and Ventura River, as well as the Pacific Ocean. To protect and preserve these beautiful waterways for generations to come the City implements several programs intended to improve water quality. In my position at the City I oversee programs that ensure local businesses, development projects, residents and visitors are not dumping or releasing harmful materials into the City’s storm drain system. This involves field inspections, outreach/education and extensive planning. The City’s storm drain system is directly connected to local creeks, rivers and the ocean meaning all materials dumped or deposited in backyards, driveways, streets, parking lots and alleys behind businesses eventually end up in the Santa Clara River, Ventura River or Pacific Ocean UNTREATED. Ventura County has some of the cleanest beaches and waterways in the state and the City is committed to preserving them. Working with our community to better water quality locally makes me happy and is my full-time role at the City.