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Oct 19

Sustainable Halloween Tricks & Treats

Posted on October 19, 2020 at 8:18 AM by Natalie Nebilak

Sustainable halloween

Are you ready for spooky season? Below are some tricks for sustainable Halloween celebrations and treats to keep your sweet tooth happy. 

LocalPumpkins Locally Sourced Pumpkins & Produce
Support local farmers and small businesses by picking out pumpkins that have been grown locally.  For an excellent list of local pumpkin patches and current safety guidelines, visit Pumpkin Patches & More. Apples are another in-season treat and you can find a list of local farms that offer apple picking here. When we purchase locally sourced produce, we help reduce the amount of fossil fuels used for transport, and therefore the amount of emissions released into the atmosphere. 

Waste-not Pumpkin Seeds
Don't let those delicious and nutritious pumpkin seeds go to waste when preparing your gourd for carving. After removing your pumpkins "guts", thoroughly wash and rinse the pumpkin seeds, removing "strings" of pumpkin that cling to them. Boil seeds in water with a little salt for about 10 minutes. Remove from heat and strain. Spread your pumpkin seeds out on a baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil and dust with salt and stir it up a bit on the sheet, but make sure to spread them out before placing in the oven. Bake at 400 degrees for between 5 - 20 minutes. If you have smaller seeds, you will not need to bake them as long. Just keep and eye on them and pull them out when they are browned to your liking. You can get fancy with the spices too! For more savory flavors, try garlic salt or smoked paprika. For a sweet treat you can toss with brown sugar and butter. 


Recycled & Upcycled Costumes & Decorations
Costumes don't have to cost an arm and a leg. Get creative with items around the home and create something new from something old. Maybe some bed sheets that are about to be retired? The vintage ghost costume is always "en vogue". Do you have a few empty 2-Liter bottles in your recycle bin? Tape two together and use some old tubing or rope to simulate oxygen tanks for a scuba diver or a space traveler. When you use your imagination, the possibilities are endless! If you plan on decorating for the spooky holiday, opt for items that can be used over and over each year. For more ideas of DIY Halloween costumes and decorations, check out this post by Earth Friendly Tips.


Eco-Friendly Treats


Trick or treater’s amass a large amount of small candies in record time on Halloween. Unfortunately, many of these candies are wrapped in single use plastics which can end up littering the streets, gutters, and making their way into local waterways, beaches, and parks. When picking out Halloween treats, look for candies that are packaged in small paper/cardboard boxes or wrapped in foil which can both be recycled if they are "loose" in the recycle bin, and "clean" from any residue. Other non-candy treats are also an option, like spooky rubber pencil toppers and small fabric finger puppets and dolls.

Composting pumpkins and gourds
Unfortunately our jack o'lantern masterpieces won't last forever, and will turn into droopy zombie gourds. To give your pumpkins life after death, place them in a compost pile or compost bin to return nutrients back to the soil. Composting organic materials (like pumpkins) keeps them out of our landfills and reduces the amount of methane (a greenhouse gas) released into our atmosphere. 


Have a SAFE, SPOOKY, and SUSTAINABLE Halloween!