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Jan 10

Green Holiday Tips

Posted on January 10, 2020 at 8:53 AM by Natalie Nebilak

Green Holiday Tip

The holidays are often a time of indulgence, and with that comes additional waste. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, the amount of trash produced in the United States increases by an estimated 25%—that’s about one million extra tons of garbage each week. This year, consider trying out a new way of celebrating the season to help reduce your holiday waste.

Tip #1

This holiday season, opt for natural decorations from tree trimmings, pine cones, and other eco-friendly materials. And make use of our local growing vegetation such as Eucalyptus to create a wonderfully aromatic piece of decor!

Tip #2

The cost to power a string of incandescent lights is exponentially greater than powering a string of LED lights. Not only will you conserve energy by switching to LEDs, but if you are an all-out decorator, you can save some serious money (that means more for gifts)! You can also save resources by turning on Christmas tree lights only when you are in the room to enjoy them or using a timer for when you forget. 

Tip #3

Ventura is home to a bounty of small, local businesses, several of which belong to the network of Certified Green Businesses in California. Download the SHOP GREEN app to find local green businesses near you.

Tip #4 Gift wrapping is an art! This year, elevate your wrapping to the next level by following these eco-gift wrapping tips:

  • Buy gift wrap made from recycled materials.
  • Make your own gift wrap from cloth and other materials.
  • Save wrapping paper from gifts you receive to use next year.
  • Reuse boxes for shipping and gifts, rather than buying new ones.