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Mar 10

Environmental Activities for Kids!

Posted on March 10, 2020 at 8:33 AM by Natalie Nebilak

kellysikkemaunsplash Looking for fun, educational games and resources for the kiddos? Look no further! We have amassed some great resources and videos!


NASA Climate Kids
has a wealth of information on an easy-to-navigate page that teaches about climate, weather, water, energy, and so much more! With games, activity, and videos, this is a great resource to educate and entertain simultaneously.


The United States Environmental Protection Agency provides a list of games, quizzes, and videos for kids about the environment, including a link to National Parks - For Kids! where you can explore Yellowstone National Park from your computer. Yellowstone

PBS Kids hosts a huge library of online games for kids to play and learn about our natural environment and how to live “eco-minded”.


Common Sense Education has a list of science and ecology apps that can be downloaded. Some are free, others are paid apps. These lists also show which platforms are supported (iPad, iPhone, Android..)

National Geographic Kids has fun science experiments that kids can perform at home (with adult supervision), online games, a wealth of information about all types of animals, including dinosaurs! Also included in their resources is a link called “Kids vs. Plastic” and provides tips on reducing plastic use, how plastic affects the environment, and how kids can make an impact.

For our full list of resources, visit our Page: Links for Kids