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May 25, 2022 3:24 PM

Notice of Rate Increase - July 1, 2022

Over the course of eight public meetings and nearly a year of deliberation, the Water Commission, in partnership with City staff and a third-party financial consultant, underwent an extensive water and wastewater rate study to evaluate the City’s water rate tiers, water shortage rates, wastewater rate structure, and financing options for major projects. On May 17, 2021, at the Public Hearing for Water and Wastewater Rate Adjustments, Ventura City Council unanimously approved five-year water and wastewater rate increases.

Ventura Water is dedicated to providing reliable water services, investing in the maintenance and improvement of its vital infrastructure and equipping residents to be drought resilient. Rate increases will support both daily operation and maintenance of the City’s existing water and wastewater systems, along with approximately 36 planned capital improvement projects, including the long-anticipated State Water Interconnection Project and VenturaWaterPure Program.

A rate increase will become effective July 1, 2022 to account for increased costs to operate and maintain the water and wastewater systems. All bills after July 1, 2022 will reflect the new rates; there will be no proration between the old and new rates. For more information, reference the 2021 Cost of Service and Rate Design Study at

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