Our Units

Communications Center (Dispatch): Our Dispatch Center receives all 9-1-1 calls in Ventura. On average, dispatchers handle aboutPublic Safety Dispatcher 202055,000 emergency calls each year and calls are answered, on average, within five seconds. Contact the 24/7 non-emergency line at 805-650-8010 or connect with the Watch Commander directly at 805-339-4416.

K9 Unit: We currently have five K9 teams assigned to the Patrol Unit so that a K9 team is on-duty seven days a week, providing round the clock service to the community. Visit the K9 Website to learn more about the program. Contact Sergeant Craig Kelly, 805-477-3760 or [email protected]K9 Unit 2021

Patrol Services: Officers respond to about 98,000 calls for service each year. Uniformed officers provide patrol services in their specific work area, known as "Beats". Officers work a single beat for one year, giving them a better understanding of each area's unique problems. Ventura has four beats that cover the city from the west to the east. 

Patrol Task Force (PTF): The Patrol Task Force was formed to address crime trends and problem areas within the City, with the ultimate goal of restorative policing and street outreach with our unhoused populations. PTF works closely with Crime Analysis to identify crime trends and relies on Patrol Officers to help identify problem areas. Learn more about PTF's collaboration with the City's Safe and Clean team here.  
Traffic Unit: Our Traffic Unit and Motor Officers provide proactive enforcement of vehicle code laws using radar, motorcycle patrol, parking enforcement, and community education programs, much of which is paid for by an annual grant with the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS). The Unit also provides professional traffic collision investigations and reconstruction. Team members routinely make recommendations for traffic control improvements.Traffic Unit

In addition to traffic enforcement and accident investigation, the Unit enforces parking procedures, tows abandoned vehicles, and processes vehicle impound releases. The Traffic Unit also handles payment of parking tickets, traffic collision reports, reporting of abandoned vehicles, and over-sized vehicle permits. Contact Sergeant Mark Knackstedt at 805-339-4441 or [email protected] 

Alcohol Enforcement Unit: Our department's Alcohol Enforcement Officer oversees all Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) licenses and alcohol sales permits within the City of Ventura. Contact Officer Tyler Buck at 805-339-4453 or [email protected]

SWAT Team: The primary objective of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) is to save lives. The mission of Ventura's SWAT Team is to provide highly trained personnel for use in incidents where disciplined teamwork, specialized weapons, and tactical skills are needed to resolve high risk law enforcement incidents. The team's philosophy is to operate in a way that gives the most protection to involved personnel and provides the greatest degree of safety possible for the public and suspects. Contact Commander Ryan Weeks at 805-339-4309 or [email protected]SWAT Team 2020

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT): The CIT program is a county wide collaboration of Law Enforcement, the Ventura County Behavioral Health Department, and the National Alliance for Mental Illness, serving the needs of persons with mental illness in the community we serve. CIT's main goal is safety - for the community, for persons in crisis, and for law enforcement. CIT trained officers know how to de-escalate crisis situations, recognize different types of mental illnesses/disabilities, and how to connect the person to the most appropriate resource. The mission of the program is to provide Crisis Intervention Team training to 100% of law enforcement officers and 9-1-1 Operators countywide. When you have a mental health crisis please request a “CIT trained” officer. Contact Commander Sarah Heard at 805-339-4460 or [email protected]

Investigations: The Investigative Division includes Crime Analysis, Crime Scene Investigations, Court Clerk, the Major Crimes Unit, the Gang Prevention Unit, the Special Victims Unit, the Street Crimes Unit, and the Neighborhood Narcotics Unit. The Investigations Division is currently supervised by Commander Rick Murray, 805-339-4343 or [email protected] Two Crime Scene Investigative Technicians with their back turned while working. They both have long hair held up in ponytails.

School Resource Officers: SROs assist students, parents, and staff on Ventura Unified School District (VUSD) campuses and in our community. Fifty percent of the funding for the SROs comes from VUSD. The SROs primary function is to protect students, staff, and visitors against violence and cSROs left to right: Jamey MacLellan, Tony Gomez, Matt Thompson. All are smiling.rime while fostering a learning environment free of fear. The officers are assigned full-time to Ventura, Buena, Pacific, and Foothill Tech High Schools. Contact Sergeant Joe Munger, at 805-339-4495 or [email protected]ntura.ca.gov.

Professional Standards and Development: The Professional Standards Unit is responsible for recruitment and hiring, employee relations, background investigations, internal affairs, workers compensation, and audits and inspections. Professional Standards serves as liaison with the City's Human Resources Department to recruit, test, and hire new employees. They also have responsibility for ensuring background investigations on potential employees are complete and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards. An important part of Professional Standard's function is conducting audits and inspections to ensure quality, professionalism, and excellence in the service we provide to our community. Regular audits of police reports, selected at random, are conducted from the recording of the initial call-for-service to the final disposition. Contact Sergeant Trenner Marchetii, 805-339-4464 or [email protected]

Records: The Records Unit processes rFemale Records Specialist sitting at her desk in front of a computer. She has a vase of flowers on her desk. She is smiling.eports, keeps crime and arrest statistics, answers non-emergency calls, and processes subpoenas for department employees. "Records" can be reports, citations, field interview cards, or any of a variety of documents written by department employees each year. Contact Interim Records Manager Paulette Halverson, 805-339-4414 or [email protected]

Office of Emergency Services: Our Emergency Services Manager, Mack Douglass, is responsible for facilitating all Emergency Management programs and training for City Staff to be best prepared to serve the community as Disaster Service Workers during a disaster or crisis. Contact Mack Douglass at 805-339-4377 or [email protected]

Volunteers and Volunteers In Policing (VIP) Program: Volunteers are an essential component to the Ventura Police Department’s Community Problem Oriented Policing efforts. Volunteers have an opportunity to learn about law enVPD Volunteer writing a report on the computer . He is wearing a white shirt and is looking at the camera, smiling.forcement and help improve law enforcement services. Our program increases community pride by allowing volunteers to serve as role models and most importantly, be part of a community program concerned with the common good and well being of the city we all love. We have two volunteer programs to choose from; the traditional volunteer program or the Volunteers In Policing (VIP) program. Both are a great way to give back to the community. Contact: Police Services Officer Natalie Wilkes 805-477-3747 or [email protected]

Cadet Program: Police cadets are part-time employees who play a vital role in providing quality police services to our community. Cadets typically work between 15 and 20 hours per week and perform a wide variety of duties to assist in accomplishing daily supportive tasks. This is a training position is intended to provide individuals with exposure to the full spectrum of local police operations and procedures as preparation for a law enforcement related career.

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