Beat Maps & Coordinators

The City of Ventura is divided into four Police Beats, or areas of responsibility.  A Corporal is assigned as a Beat Coordinator.  

Beat Coordinators guide Patrol Officers' response to problems on their Beat, develop and track the progress of community problems and projects, coordinate response to school-related problems, and manage follow-up investigations on cases assigned to Patrol Officers.

Should you have any questions for your Beat Corporals please don't hesitate to contact them via phone (805) 339-4400 or email. Follow our Facebook page and to get weekly updates on crime in your beat.

Beat One includes Ventura's west end and portions of the Downtown area. [email protected]
Beat Two embraces the beach and marina areas as well as the western portion of downtown and mid-town. [email protected]

Beat Three covers the area east of Mills Road and roughly north of Telephone Road. [email protected]  

Beat Four covers the area roughly east of Mills Road and roughly south of Telephone Road. [email protected]