Capital Improvement Projects

Chart showcasing percentages of water usage such as treatment and storage numbers
Chart showcasing percentages of water usage such as energy efficiency and sewerlines

Building To Protect Our Environment

Ventura has thrived through the investment made by our community 2 generations ago to build reliable water and wastewater systems. It is our turn to renew these vital community lifelines.

The proposed rates, as recommended by the Ventura Water Rate Advisory Committee, will fund 75% of the $136 million capital improvement plan through fiscal year 2018. This keeps rates lower because completing all the planned projects within the 4 years in unlikely due to shifting priorities, project scope changes and other unforeseen factors in the design and construction process.

In order to lessen the burden on future generations through legacy loan payments, the rates also reflect a 50/50 capital program funding plan, as recommended by the Advisory Committee - 50% will be paid through bonds (loans similar to mortgage payments) and 50% will be paid by today's cash. This strategy equally shares the financial investment and the benefits of a healthy infrastructure between current and future customers.