Rebates & Incentives

Washing Machine Rebate


Receive a $150 rebate for the purchase of a high efficiency washing machine (water factor of 3.7 or less). More  information here.

High Efficiency Toilet Rebate

$100 GPF of 1.1 or less

 Receive a $100 rebate for the purchase of a ultra-high efficiency toilet (gallons per flush of 1.1 or less). More information here.

Program Funds Expended

Instant Hot Water Funds expended

To date, program funds have been expended. Applicants may apply to be placed on a wait list should funds become available in the future. For information visit here.

Water Wise Incentive Program- Turf Replacement


Ventura Water offers $2 a square foot rebates on projects that replace lawn with water wise landscape. Apply here.

High Efficiency Sprinkler Nozzles


Smart Irrigation Controller

Rachio Smart Controller Rebate

Apply for free high efficiency sprinkler nozzles and professional installation. Apply here.

Apply for a free smart irrigation controller and professional installation/training. Smart controllers take local weather data, soil, and plant types to create a customized watering schedule.  Apply here.

Water Efficiency Survey


Irrigate with Recycled Water

Mobile Reuse Program image

Request a free water efficiency survey to learn about your bill, assess water usage, and learn how to save water. Make an appointment by calling 805-667-6500 or complete form here.

Irrigation with recycled water by participating in the Residential Recycled Water Mobile Reuse Program. Learn more here.

Rain Barrel Voucher- 50% Off

Rain Barrel

Print and redeem a 50% of rain barrel voucher. Print here.